Perrie Lectures 2016

Inside Mental Health

Thursday 22nd September 2016 @ Newbold Revel

About this years lectures:

Inside Mental Health

Mental health and well-being were identified as a priority by former Prime Minister, David Cameron. One in four of the UK population will be affected each year by mental health problems but research shows that a much larger proportion of prisoners have mental health needs.

The Perrie Lecture 2016 will focus on understanding mental health needs in prison, how prisons can provide supportive and safe environments as well as learn from good practice across the criminal justice system and the NHS.

Who should attend this conference?

The Perrie Lecture is an opportunity for anyone working in the criminal justice or mental health sector to share good practice, experience and understanding of those with mental health needs. It will also enable researchers and students to understand the current issues faced by practitioners and professionals.

This conference will bring together current practitioners, academic researchers and people who have experienced mental health problems.

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