The Perrie Lectures 2022

Culture at a crossroads?

Newbold Revel - Rugby
20 September

This year's lectures

Culture at a crossroads?

20 September
Registration  9.15am


For some years the prison service has been working on its culture – a positive culture for staff, and a rehabilitative culture for those in prison.


This day of lectures is a chance to ask how this quest is progressing, in the face of the challenges that are all around.


Managing the risks of COVID-19 has been a massive challenge, that demanded centralised guidance and control. As we transition back to the ‘new normal’, how will we balance control, accountability and autonomy, for prison governors, prison staff and prisoners themselves?


Organisations with a healthy culture encourage innovation and accept that at times things may go wrong. Often it seems that politically, avoiding risks and averting criticism are the priority. What progress in the quest for a learning culture?


The culture of an organisation relies heavily on good leadership, excellent communications of its aims and a shared understanding of those aims. How far is visionary and brave leadership being cultivated at all levels of the service?


Is it still possible to achieve a rehabilitative culture, or is it just another slogan on the shelf?


About The Perrie Lectures

The Perrie Lectures is an annual event which has the purpose of stimulating dialogue between criminal justice organisations, the voluntary sector and all those with an academic, legal or practical interest in offenders and their families.

The Perrie Lectures are named in honour of  Bill Perrie, who retired from the Prison Service in 1978.  He worked as a prison governor for 32 years, latterly at HMPs Hull, Long Lartin, and Winson Green, Birmingham. A sound practitioner, Bill contributed much to the development of hostels, working out schemes, and regimes for long term prisoners.  Bill attended the lectures every year until his death in 1997.

Since 1995, the Perrie Award has been presented annually during the day of the lectures.  It has been given by the  Perrie Lectures Committee to the person who has done most to promote an understanding of the work of the Prison Service, and pushed forward the development of penal policy.

Through the Perrie Lectures and the Perrie Award, it is hoped that the care of offenders can be improved, and penal policy, in its broadest sense, advanced.

The text of the Perrie Lectures is produced in full as a special edition of the Prison Service Journal.

The Perrie Lectures Committee is independent and non-profit making and is currently made up of the following members:

The Committee 2022

Rachel Bell, Chair - Women’s Team, HMPPS Women’s Directorate

Alun Jones  

HMPPS Communicatons

Sarah Matheve

Koestler Trust

Mike Kirby


Kimmett Edgar

Prison Reform Trust

Pauline Austin

New Bridge Foundation

Ian Dixon


Anita Dockley

Howard League

Carlene Dixon

Women’s Team,

HMPPS Women’s Directorate

Martin Kettle

HM Inspectorate of Prisons


Sarah Tiffin

Arden University


Mary Haley

HMP Grendon


Judith Feline



Lesley Dixon



Kam Sarai

HMPPS - HMP Dovegate


Colin Archer



Kate Gooch

University of Bath


Rosie Meek

Royal Holloway, University of London




Third Sector




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The Speakers

Proud to bring thought provoking speakers from across the country

The lectures will be chaired by Phil Maguire OBE (Chief Executive, Prison Radio Association)


Speakers include: 

Sonia Brooks - Governor, HMP Brixton

Shadd Maruna - Professor, Queen’s University Belfast

Nina Champion and Nola Sterling

Director, and Project Manager, Criminal Justice Alliance

Charlie Taylor - Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prisons

Gill Attrill - Deputy Director: Insights Group / Prison Reform, HMPPS

Newbold Revel


Registration & Refreshments
9.15 am
Andy Williams revolving doors
Living in prison through covid

10 am
Sonia Brooks
Leadership and culture through covid and beyond
10.30 am
Comfort Break
Shadd Maruna
Can prisons make good after the COVID-19 lockdown?
Nina Champion and Nola Sterling
11.15 am
11.30 am
12.15 pm
1 pm
The Perrie Award
2 pm
2.15 pm
Gill Attrill
Charlie Taylor
COVID-19 Recovery and Purposeful Activity, followed by Q&A
3 pm
3.30 pm

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